Miracles on Illinois St.

Miracles on Illinois St. :

My Calling & Feeling the Groove

Raw Unfiltered Honey
Raw, Unfiltered Desert Wildflower Honey with what I call “Everything Including The Beez Kneez,” present. Picture captured by Karla Noel Designs with a Canon DSLR, using a macro.

It takes a splash of courage to relay my thoughts this time.  No big bud pictures, bursting trichomes, yummy edible portraits (ok, only a couple) or cannabis event coverage meerfreakers, only a bit of raw truth, interesting results and thanks with this post y’all.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t want you to fire up a blunt, do a dab or have a snapper of your favorite bud before reading this so, get comfortable, relax and of course… “Fire Up!” For those of you that do not partake of the lovely herb, try your best to relax, achieve that high on life which exists and meditate on some real shit!

I used to be that kid in the backyard, staring down at the concrete, observing ants and bugs, while other neighborhood kids were riding bikes, go-karts and mini bikes.  I had an elementary school clique that I rolled with later on but at the base, I was a nerdy nature lover that kept himself busy with episodes of Rescue Rangers, Ducktales and anything else until the cartoons went off.  What else are children to do when one parent is gone and the other is busy going to school and working to keep a roof over your head?  I was the kid at Coyote Point Park in the SF Bay Area finding injured and sick animals and bringing them to the nature center as well as the Humane Society.  It was as if I was magnetically drawn towards animals that weren’t okay, or in some instances animals were drawn towards me, asking for help.

It is only fair that I relay my history of things before diving clear into the future.  My mother, before she decided to leave my father for common familial reasons, used to have a great garden, run a daycare out of her house and I remember how I had a natural ways with the babies she took care of.  I could make any baby stop crying and smile, simply by slowly smiling.  Time and time again I am reminded of these “gifts” that I possess, from making any living thing grow, to providing comfort and insight into another living person or animal.  The key element in all of my past interactions has been my ability to empathize with any living being.

Present day I must say that although I don’t have some large following, fan base, an office in a high rise or a large list of clients or patients, but that in those basic ways I have mentioned above, that I’ve still got it goin’ on.  Person by person, plant by plant, or even animal by animal, I continue to help others however I can.  I mean, how can one just stand by and watch another suffer, especially if they might have insight of how to help?  Although I have my own personal needs and find new surprises with my own health that need attention, I can still help others.  No matter where we are in our walk of life, it doesn’t take much to simply pay attention and notice what’s goin’ on around you.

My journey leads me to my current situation, heart getting tired, strange chest pains,  or me finding myself completely tired out much too early in the day.  I have some vitamin deficiencies such as vitamin D deficiency, B12 deficiency as well as another I can’t think of right now… oh yeah potassium.  The doctors I see won’t simply answer my “Why?” and a “here is what you do…” so I remain, as I have done with others, trying to figure out what is up with my strange body.  I have a ten year old son, a baby on the way, my fiancé wants to get married soon yet I am not in the financial arena to do such things as have a big wedding as well as offer a place to live for three beautiful lives that I love very much and will do anything for.  Along with having to navigate myself physically with my darn legs and two canes to walk on, the pain with each step and trying to stay positive and hope-filled, I have some monkeys on my back and the world on my shoulders.

No matter what I have to do, along the way I am constantly reminded of what and who I am.  I am a counselor and a healer, by nature.  Working within the many fields I have had the blessing to learn definitely has built more than just character within me for so many reasons.  I am able to relay some info or give some CBD honey to a mother whose child has chronic seizures, a guy with Parkinson’s, or send relief to a friend on the other end whose wife had a stroke and more.  The big “wow,” for me was when my father, Mr. Stanford University, mathematician himself, received a sample from me.


My father had a stroke a couple of years ago and recently I was able to give him a container of CBD infused honey that helped him.  He explained to me how he now notices an increase of sharpness when he does his memory exercises and that it simply makes him feel better.  With this news as well as with learning that he uses the infused honey regularly, I gladly gave him two more bottles with a prayer. I prayed that it prolongs his life ever more than his healthy eighty year old windsurfing self does to stay fit and maintain an excellent sense of wellness.  He has a great relationship with my ten year old son and I hope, that with time gifted, that he will able to share many more stories and much more wisdom and love with the little guy and with the rest of the family.

What you see below are two of the realest, coolest dudes on the planet!

As I watch my pops give my son swimming lessons, the North Philly champion, mathematician and photography extraordinaire, I remember how hard he used to push me to succeed.  To be frank, the amount of times I have had to rush to the bathroom to relieve myself while typing this in Starbucks is nutts (5 mf times… $h*t, mf-gosh darn, ok, now 10 times), so when I think of success I have had to set my own bar and re-evaluate my definition of what it means to be successful time and time again.  Some might wonder “with all those skills you have from community building, non-profit, health educating, cultivating, baking and whatnot, why aren’t you working for some large cannabis company or community health organization?” or “why don’t you own your own company Sekou?” but things have proved more complex than meets the eye “Transformers!”  I just had to say that, haha.  How do you evaluate greatness and what bars, hurdles and feats have you accomplished in your years?  I have yet to have a traveling team of folks helping me with book signings, conferences and motivational speaking events but I have strong faith that all of that stuff is soon to come.

I am the type of guy that tells you that no matter what you are going through, that the troubles you constantly face, the doors that get slammed in your face that you must stay diligent and hopeful, miracles do exist, don’t trip too much off of that shit and that the battle has already been won! What has already been said might have been dreamed before but might not have been already done! I’ll leave an original poem below for your enjoyment, I mean that is, if you like that sort of thing.


Some creatures simply look at the skies

Knowing exactly what type of weather might arise

As seeds wait for fall rain as well as wild and maintained grasses

We too seek a time-awaited soaking

Knowing nothing much and everything we need together all at the same time

Finding solutions amongst revolutions of constant change

Many, fallen into their niche of “ain’t that a bitch!”

Others seeking shelter of a different type

Choosing courageously to dare to go against the grain

Receiving varying calls, we must answer with new-founded strength

Realizing somehow that hardship also passes with pain yet

The stains of regret for some have proven hard to shake like mutating flus

Some prefer to fade the funk without acknowledgment that they too are being fake

As lies to self, become buried in a guilt only us and God can help and

Truths to be unmasked depend upon which chances we have as well as are not to take

Something within us resonates louder than anything this world can offer

While we learn to once again listen even after the loud music stops playing

Gaining insight, strength and the might of millions before us

Many find the treasure chests of resilience, peace, progress and passion

We were meant to experience and share from our first gifted breath boldly taken


Treasure Chest of Resilience



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Cannabis History 101: Continued, Part II


From antiquity to modern reality, it can no longer be doubted or disputed that cannabis is a health preventative for many ailments and cannot be denied by anyone smart enough to know or research that “cannabis heals.” For many reasons, this education of healing and wholesomeness was purposely left out of Western Education as well as the education in other world regions. This is the second part of an education session, so light your pipe, bowls, blunts, dabs, munch an edible or draw a nice inhale from your vape pen on the remainder on this Expedition into Highness.

thelivingtorah__2__pxxz.      1_om_edible_all_female_collective_the_holy_anointing_oil-700x525

(Picture directly above from a company gaining First Place at a High Times event)

In the Holy Bible, it mentions plants being created first, before man, now that that sink in to the soil of the cultivated mind for a minute. Some rasta friends of mine might differ, citing text of the herb being first sprouted on the tomb of King Solomon. If you want to get biblical with it, I can go there, as the first mentions I found was when Moses was instructed to create the holy anointing oil by God himself on Mount Sinai. The instructions are so precise as to portions of which herbs to use, one of them being called in ancient Jewish texts yet translated to Sweet cane as Kanei Bosom, later to be classified in Latin as Cannabis Sativa.  In 300 AD a young Jerusalem woman was given medical cannabis during childbirth. These facts have been known in ancient Jewish texts and many rabbis do not deny the presence of cannabis in the Holy Land. Between 500 and 600 AD the Jewish Talmud mentions the euphoriant properties of cannabis.

oseberg-viking-ship-excavation-1904images (3)08100116-weird-things-people-buried-with-s2048x1399-p.ab94b306


Even the Vikings, whose beliefs of heaven differed from the rest of the Western world, seeking Valhalla through battle as a right to heaven, in 850AD began using hemp as well as Cannabis. In this photo above I read that Vikings gave cannabis to their horses to calm them before long voyages at sea, now isn’t that trippy?Years before, possibly around 834AD, as reported in Culture Magazine, a large burial mound was discovered with a chariot, large boat, various other items such as leather pouches with cannabis inside. Note: it was suggested that the rules were fierce women with lots of knowledge.

persiahashish           868px-Cannabissativadior

Like today, back in 900-1000AD, roughly one thousand years ago, scholars in the middle East began debating the pros and cons of eating hashish, as it’s profound use began spreading throughout the Arab as well as Persian world.

download (3).        62d6700140af1606d9cba745589d5543

To skip ahead a bit, in 1621 Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy, suggests cannabis may treat depression.

download (4).      download (2)

Does this sound familiar? In 1753 a guy by the name of Linnaeus (painted above) classifies “Cannabis Sativa,” a favorite strain and sense of relief for many. So many reggae songs with that classification thrown in there, makes me wonder what songs and poems were around in the ancient days in regards to it’s healing potential.

images (4)old cannabis

In 1764 Cannabis pops up in the New England Dispensatory and by 1800 cannabis plantations flourished in the Good ol’ U.S. of A., not just for hemp, ropes and clothes my friends. I read somewhere today that in Jamestown, the first settlers were required to grow hemp yet they loved tobacco. I know I’ve read this twice before. This will probably be the longest cannabis blog I’ll ever write however feel free to also research for yourself if you’d like! Some stuff, no matter how far fetched, just cannot be made up.

So the question which still exists is… if it helps so many and has for thousands of years, what the heck is wrong with people today?  I believe there is a strange stagnation of a sickness that lingers in the so-called modern mind.  Those that stay open to possibilities I find are no way confined.  Let’s all discover our own definition of freedom and be high and healthy along the way. Here’s to encompassing wellness in a plant and cloud of smoke, so what if you cough or choke.


Sources: advancedholistichealth.org, Scientific Evidence by: Mitch Earlywine, The Emperor Wears No Clothes by: Jack Herer, Time Magazine, Culture Magazine as well as http://www.justice.gov/dea & other fun, wild and interesting sources.

Cannabis History 101: a brief expedition into highness


As I sit here in the library, my source for constant wifi, my San Diego Cannabis Farmer’s Market shirt on that openly reads STAFF on the back with green leafs surrounding and waiting for a meeting with family members, I once again contemplate my niche in this awesome and very complex plant business. With the knowledge I have attained, approaching third interview with a data-driven and sprouting new company and waking from dreams of camping with cannabis-involved friends last night, I’m left feeling some type of way as to say. Discouraged, no, hopeful, very much so. One thing to revel at is that this plant’s involvement with our human species will not stop anytime soon. Where will it once again take off with me, in time we will see. My history is but a mere wink as I can visualize my resources increasing with knowledge as well as experience attained.
Much is to be said about the Green Boom these days, from the backyard to the Green Room, where the real magic is found in profound THC and CBD rich crystals known as trichomes and in the compassion given to patients seeking remedy. For many, the truths behind the historical value of cannabis remain a mystery. Then there’s folks like me, hungry for more and eager to explore. Although there are many that choose to smoke, eat an edible or oil to either relieve pain or to gain a higher perspective, few know about the roots of cannabis in human history. I am not speaking of the big healthy root-ball you hope for in hydroponic buckets but what has always been received for ages as holy and sacred. Personally I don’t know how religious or spiritual you are but yes, I’m gonna to go there.

images (2)9801f838a715dbed417025201ba2a865_XL (1) sinseharvest

From What Grows on Trees: A brief yet in-depth History Lesson.

Beliefs for many ground the foundation of character we represent and grow to know as we meet others. Just like expectations and thoughts we choose to hold ourselves to, sometimes we begin to hold others to them as well. In our modern, growing and fast-paced world we have to personally decide whether or not where we stand as it pertains to cannabis and compassion for others. To differentiate the two, there are Rulers and there are Chosen Leaders, ones that will be  remembered for making the difference, the wise decisions others chose to ignore. For over 8,000 plus years there has been a pungent presence in recorded history of cannabis in our human existence. 2727 BCE in the oldest well-written use at the plant from hemp twine to feeling fine, Chinese emperor Shen Nung (picture posted above) recorded weed being a medicinal source. And 6000 BCE cannabis seeds and oil were used for food in China, 4000 BCE textiles made of him were used in China as well as Turkestan. I can recall an elementary school as well as Middle School I was told to make a timeline of specific events in my life well this time lunch should be added to it for it is affected my life as well as thousands of others in many positive ways. Such is cannabis in our lives whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. From then on after China… It was on, finding the marvelous plant in other places such as Greece, Siberia, the Persian Empire, the UK, as well as Egypt and the interior of Africa.
Here in the United States there are opponents such as Jeff sessions, which threaten the very livelihood of many who depend on the plant for daily needs. No matter who holds political offices, we cannot doubt its medical benefits, as well as hemp’s usefulness. In 1500 BCE we notice hemp used as food and fibers in China and Scythians begin cultivating it and using it for weaving cloth.


Between 700 and 300BCE we see Scythian tribes began presenting cannabis as offerings on tombs and then afterwards we see it introduced to the Europeans, for medicine and rope.


In 430 BCE Herodotus reported use by the Scythians recreationally. Above you can see how serious the ancients were, as  they made cannabis bongs out of gold, perhaps to preserve the taste like we do with using clean glass. 200 years later we see it used as ropes and ancient Greece and in 100 BCE received used as the first paper in hemp being invented in China.

download (2)

Dioscorides, a physician and Nero’s Army lists medical cannabis in his Pharmacopeia in 70 BCE and ten years hemp rope is imported to England.

130 to 200AD Greek physician Galen prescribes medical cannabis and at the same time Chinese surgeon Hua T’o uses a mix of cannabis and alcohol as the first known anesthetic. I can go on and on about the uses and successes of cannabis in human history. You’ll probably load your bong or medicate in your best way and all you might possibly hear in my sophisticated ramblings is blah blah blah, but hold on to your chariots and let me dig a bit deeper. Stay tuned for part II of this educational expedition. Peace, I’m out! (Well almost fresh out)


Sources: advancedholistichealth.org, Scientific Evidence by: Mitch Earlywine, The Emperor Wears No Clothes by: Jack Here, Time Magazine, Culture Magazine as well as http://www.justice.gov/dea & other interesting sources.

For the Love of Mary Jane: A Compass for Compassion


With new state regulations in the works, many patients wonder, how will this affect their access to medicinal cannabis.


Recently I applied for a Cannabis Chef position, hoping it won’t effect my disability determination I’ve been fighting for for over a year now. In our lovely state of sunny California, many are on the fence when it comes to cannabis awareness as well as education for many reasons. Some such as DCN known as Direct Cannabis Network have been on the forefront of the larger and yet borderline corporate/professional side, linking investors with companies that aim to serve patients needs while staying compliant. Note: you don’t have to be corporate to be professional, just have your ducks, or buds in a proper row and be innovative. In the frey, smaller mom and pop companies have been trying to gain an audience with their small-scale local operations, hoping to catch the eye of more than just patients and consumers, but for future investors.

Knowledge is power, or as they have said however the reality for many companies is that the dollar reigns supreme, as crackdowns on “illegal cannabis,” operations has skyrocketed across the state of California, landing many small growers, as well as some overpriced shady industry hopefulls in heaps of financial as well as legal trouble.

images (3)

Municipalities and small cities such as Oceanside have recently held town meetings as to how to incorporate this booming industry into their tax plans. In Northern California, in Marin county, where the term 420 was coined, cannabis leaders seek a more open avenue allowing for delivery businesses and are working diligently to dispel what they have called a “culture of fear,” involving the many negative stigmas of cannabis production, which range from the assumption that crime rates will raise among other false points previously raised without proof. As places such as Colorado and Nevada have reaped not just the harvest but the benefits of legalization from this plant in many ways.

Our large state, although small considering the size of the planet obviously has some ways to go however in Oakland they are making strides with the Minority Cannabis Coalition as well as other organizations that have been on the forefront of policy change, succeeding with the City of Oakland offering permits as well as business grants for cultivation for previous cannabis offenders and in the process, making a mends with individuals and the At-Promise communities directly affected.


Cannabis events are fun and this weekend with Mega Sesh as well as other small planned activities, patients that truly have need have found avenues aside from pricey and untrusted business that serve as monopolies which can afford the legal costs, similar to outrageous broker fees.
With events such as educational and groundbreaking forums such as The Emerald Exchange like, which stands as a link for Northern and Southern California growers, investors and patients and from the Terp Market in Los Angeles to the San Diego Cannabis Farmer’s Market with Skate N Bake to new Green Markets, targeted by “the wrong crowd,” as to legally say, offer a stress free as well as community approach to healing from small companies offering meds, tested first by trusted and reputable laboratories.


Over the seas and internationally others see hope a lot clearer as Cannabis and Culture collide on a field almost destined for success, as many have followed Uraguay in legalizing cannabis to not just boost their economy but to help curb drug abuse, especially opioids.

Israel, although known for it’s Zionist regimes and issues concerning crimes against humanity is still top when it comes to research. This is no surprise considering the history of cannabis in their culture, as Cannabis being one of the key ingredients in the holy anointing oil given to Moses from God. Now they are aiming to be the top exporter of cannabis oil, that’s right, I said exporter!



Ireland is booming since they decriminalized the plant and now others want a piece of the pie as well such as Spain, known for the spliff, and awesome Moroccan hash, and Germany and the Aussies want in also, working hard to justify usage in many portions of the landlocked country.

China is on the forefront of change concerning cannabis but this should be no surprise since it has been a key component in Chinese medicine for over 6000 years. The first anesthetic was recorded to come from a mix of cannabis and alcohol. China now holds over 309 of the 606 patents for cannabis, filing more than 650 cannabis-related patents. I’m not even talking about the production and growth of hemp which is another large subject in itself. If this communist county with it’s own plethora human rights issues has come to a complete circle, what’s taking us so long here at home? My opinion, corporate greed!

Lord Shiva Making Bhang weed2-e1427809683474images (1)

Even India has come into the full swing of things as far as the green is concerned with the Minister of Woman and Child Development, Maneka Ghandi calling for the legalization to help attack their drug problem. Close by in Bengal, the use of Bhang, a traditional mixture of cannabis leaves and flowers is legal and can be purchased from a government-licensed distributer.


Breaking news in San Diego is among the raids there is hope on the horizon.  I just checked out a news report on Jetty Extracts out of Ocean Beach and how they provide free meds to cancer patients. If this isn’t compassion, I don’t know what is.  I have had the pleasure of hosting them at past Cannabis Farmer’s Markets and they have always done what they say. Let’s keep it together and classy San Diego, for you are either a leader, or a follower. I choose the latter.

I guess all is fair as weed smoke is in the air everywhere, signaling people as well as the pharmaceutical companies to rethink research as well as their investing strategies, with the national decline of opioid usage attributed to the rich-forgotten capabilities of what nature can produce, with a little home-grown help of course. Now companies such as Net Savings Link Inc. (NSAV) are capatilizing and taking their growth overseas to Shanghai. With the state of Nevada issuing states of emergency due to running out of cannabis there is no secret nor surprise why so many are seeking the “cannabis revolution,” aka the new “green rush,” as an option for financial investment.

Where do you stand with cannabis?

A Friend in Weed…

     While my leg is twitching from nerves trying to reconnect and sore muscles from my “New Legs” as I call them and a few drops of RSO left (Rick Simpson Oil/Concentrated Cannabis Oil), I find myself wondering how to fit myself into this new industry with a new disability.  If constant migraines weren’t enough now I’m forced to battle my own legs, sporadic jaw pain that only comes a few times a month and legs and feet that seem not to like me much, all of the time.  I’m thankful, for I can walk, although I’m forced to use a cane, I’m movin and groovin.

We must love our bodies regardless so here’s to CBDs and healing.  This picture I took above was tagged by Bloom Bottles since I like to help people grow medicine.  You see, cannabis has been my passion since my early teens, now relying on the plant for serious pain relief, not just for my killer migraines but due to an accident that almost killed me last October.

As a Cannabis Consultant, I’ve been helping many, now as reality has it, I’m now the one in need of help. This is a blog where I’ll be talking about the cannabis industry, events I’m able to make it to as well as products that get donated.

A little about me, I love organic gardening, I once helped establish the San Diego Cannabis Farmer’s Market, as it was my dream, I’m known for my 60 flavors of Medicated Ice Cream, Dabby Ranchers (got the recipe from Mel’s Munchies) and my cookies and gourmet dark fudge called “Ku’s Dab of Love Fudge.” I’ve also recently helped with a little bit of beginning paperwork for the Los Angeles Terp Market, another place where patients can experience tested meds without the dispensary vibe and contribute to more of a community feel, which I haven’t yet had the pleasure to attend since I need income and gas money, neither I have at a time like this. I’ve been featured twice on the Nuglife Radio Show as well as once on Cannabis Talk 101.  I was invited to Charlo Greene’s Weed Show however my legs weren’t healed enough for the trip so I let my former co-workers attend. My humble beginnings are in non-profit and so I have a natural commitment for helping others and making sure those in need receive relief, whatever it is they seek to brighten a smile and improve another human being’s quality of life.

I will continue to be a Health Educator, consulting with those that seek accurate info on this lovely plant as well as be your friend indeed, although I have no weed. Let’s Cheers to Cannabis and the healing it does for millions. For the children struggling to survive, the elderly seeking to fight dementia or the war veteran seeking pain relief or mind ease from PTSD, here’s to you!